Bach From the Future

I loved their design and movie style.. it was great!


Just Tables

Halloween Easter My birthday

Halloween: I like it because it gives me an excuse to wear costumes.

Easter: Candy.. just Candy

My birthday: It’s my day so things go my way

Salsa Berry and Cinnamon Pie

Salsa: Avacado & Jalapenos

Berry and Cinnamon Pie: Cinnamon and other types of berries.


Met like the coolest group of youngins’! These folks are livin’ the life. Baqd influence but still x3 I was uber lit and found someone but we just gotten to meet and we don’t wanna’ rush into anything.

The Quest Logo

lequestlogo4webdesignThis is the logo I made for mt movie. Now why is it so poorly made? Well I wanted to give it the high school feel like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Since all characters are rather into comics. Now I could have done better I admit. Editing this will be a possibility.