Fame on media?

In all honesty, I didn’t go on the media for fame. I do it to be myself. I mean it is cool but still. This reminds me of Pewdiepie in a way. But I think it’s getting ridiculous. However it is still kind of good. If I ever get millions of views I will get money for it. However it still makes me a little nervous. Maybe it is a bad thing? I mean it seems too good to be true. Maybe it’s just me thinking or whatever I don’t know.

Aside the obvious stated it is very good  technology is. It enables us to do so much more than expected. Some of the stuff wasn’t available to do when my parents were my age. I see this as an opportunity to take risks at. Watching the ESPN thing about students puts a smile to my face always. It craves me to learn how to use technology similar. I am grateful for this chance. Hopefully in the future I can learn more for this site. It will be fun showing my skills to the stand. I am already on my way of designing it. This is my portrayal of the media now.


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