Am I a hater?

Look.. I could care less about marvel, I am too busy caring about homestuck and undertale to pay attention to some deathstroke rip-off. I do not like him because the dude is like a male version of me so I find him rather boring. I don’t want to hear people fangirl of him.. it is annoying and bothersome… they make me feel like they are the nerds.


Fame on media?

In all honesty, I didn’t go on the media for fame. I do it to be myself. I mean it is cool but still. This reminds me of Pewdiepie in a way. But I think it’s getting ridiculous. However it is still kind of good. If I ever get millions of views I will get money for it. However it still makes me a little nervous. Maybe it is a bad thing? I mean it seems too good to be true. Maybe it’s just me thinking or whatever I don’t know.

Aside the obvious stated it is very good ¬†technology is. It enables us to do so much more than expected. Some of the stuff wasn’t available to do when my parents were my age. I see this as an opportunity to take risks at. Watching the ESPN thing about students puts a smile to my face always. It craves me to learn how to use technology similar. I am grateful for this chance. Hopefully in the future I can learn more for this site. It will be fun showing my skills to the stand. I am already on my way of designing it. This is my portrayal of the media now.