Who is KB?(Introducing myself)

Welcome the craze-domain of which I have presented upon you~

KB is the initials from my youtuber name(no I have no videos on it because i have no equipment until my birthday). You can just call me by Karma; a sassy undefined individual. Why undefined? Well I can be anywhere to hipster than at the next minute I’m a scene emo.. it’s kinda frightening a little. I ❤ Undertale,  Homestucks, cosplay, Dan vs, and any other thing that is entertaining in my eyes. To best describe my best personality is probably through reactions or whichever, I don’t know exactly.

I am EXCRUCIATINGLY creative, like if there was a prodigy for such I would have already hit it by the age of twelve. I can write just about anything(except essays), create songs and music beats, and I LOVE storyboarding. But no more spoilers: it’s still the first blog 😉


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