Rounding up Sloppy Seconds

Okay, a lot of people who make websites usually put effort but this: It is the definition of pure suckage! Not sounding to crucial because I am known for this but, SERIOUSLY GUYS!  How much brain cell loss do you need to enjoy such a disgrace? See, good websites take time and effort, not just, “Oh one minute, close enough~” No.. just no. I mean, luckily for us it is sort of easy to move but there is NO TELLING where to go!

Now compare that to this: It is a PURE masterpiece! A well crafted online webcomic that is also interactive! It’s easy to move around, well-designed. You would think God had created this herself!

All I have to say is for this blog, don’t worry, I will do what i can to make this website fabulous.


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