Having Fun editing

Hey I edited around the game more and I did this:jaspersenpainewdits1



Yandere Simulator

I have been playing the game over the past week and it’s been uber fab. I even edited a few stuff




Colors-On emotional levels

I find it interesting how each determine the mood of our behavior in a way… from the calming blue chills, to the hot radiance of fiery red. Both remind me of myself in a way. Another Unsure Yellow: this could be anywhere to good or bad on the feelings scale. Orange I am still unsure about however. Green I know is breezy and carefree to the world. A very down-to-earth color. Now black is the color of deep, dark, mystery. It usually indicates a good feeling but not very positive in this aspect.

The following cite I used for information: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/27/how-color-affects-our-moo_n_1114790.html

Weekend Fail

I was supposed to get my stuff all done so I would be free but my original computer don’t got no word docs o.o and the pdfs I tried didn’t work.. I mean the thing i got done was a comic but I prefer not posting it if you get what I’m saying..